Still using an old manual time clock? Prepare to be blown away!

Empler's online time clock is the easiest way to keep track of your workers. You'll always know where your workers are, and what they are doing, and they will be able to see their own history too! You'll save time with employee schedules and management! Forget data entry into another system such as QuickBooks, when your employees clock in and out of the system, you will be able to export their time card and attendance information quickly to use for payroll.

Time Clock

Make it easy for your employees to clock in and out, even when they're on the move. Instead of depending on a physical time clock or expecting employees to keep track of time sheets, boost accuracy and efficiency with a mobile time clock, which is accessible through the website or any approved employee smartphone. Employees just use their mobile devices (or go online) to clock in, clock out, and submit a shift report at the end of the day. Everyone sees the same calculations, so there are no surprises on Pay Day, and no room for dishonesty or buddy clocking.


Create, manage, and publish employee schedules with a simple, efficient virtual calendar. Employees log into the calendar to check their upcoming shifts and add appointments and details of their own, keeping everything in one interactive and easy-to-read place. Managers tweak schedules and accommodate time off requests in real time, without scrambling to reconfigure the whole schedule by hand. Instant scheduling makes employee management less stressful, saves paper and ink, and boosts efficiency.

Record Keeping

Keep detailed employee records that update in real time, making it easy to manage everything from payroll and time sheets to benefits and raises. Each employee has an entry in the system, and their time clock, shift schedule, mapping activity, work requests, and other employee details stay in one place for easy access at any time. Update employee records as contact info or job responsibilities change, keeping the records accurate for everyone on staff. Record keeping has never been this intuitive, thanks to a state-of-the-art interface that keeps the most relevant and useful information accessible for management.

Absence Requests

Employees submit all their time off requests digitally, through the interactive website and a personal calendar that's accessible to administrators too. If employees need to take a sick day, request a personal day, or plan a future vacation, they just go online to submit their request. Efficiency is the goal, so you can approve or deny the requests in the same exact place, after receiving an immediate notification after each request is submitted. Employees also get notifications when management approves or denies their absence requests.


Every time an employee clocks in or out, their location saves to a virtual map. Track your employees in real time, or view the map later to see where and when they went that day. Real-time mapping technology makes it easy to bill individual clients per hour or visit, and it gives management an accurate record of employee activity and travel trends throughout the work week. See how long your employees spend with each client, and keep scheduling efficient by identifying and changing any redundant or inefficient routes.


Access all the employee data that Empler collects, and turn it into instant reports for any purpose. Customizable reporting is built into the system, making it easy to summarize and see the activity of specific employees or analyze workplace trends. Customize a daily or weekly payroll report, compile a report of absence requests and tardiness to evaluate the effects of absenteeism, and provide detailed employee reports to clients, partners, and staff who need access to specific details. Even the reporting process can be documented in a report, because every edit or audit is tracked for future needs. Just set the parameters and view accurate employee reports that track exactly what you need.